Bestselling Books

Kirk has authored some two dozen business and investment books over the years. Below is a sampling of some of his bestselling titles:


Driving Loyalty

In order to build a successful company today, you must create an unbreakable bond of loyalty between your customers and employees. Few have done this better than Enterprise Holdings, owner of the Enterprise, National and Alamo rental car brands.

While Enterprise has long been known for providing excellent customer service, it faced a huge challenge after buying National and Alamo in 2007. Among other things, it had to integrate different cultures, manage a varied workforce and meet the needs of a much larger and highly divergent customer base.

In Driving Loyalty, you’ll get an inside look at how Enterprise began operating these three distinct brands in a way that ultimately led to rising profitability and some of the highest customer and employee satisfaction scores in the industry. You’ll also discover how other thriving companies—from JetBlue and Starbucks to Costco and even Chobani Yogurt—use similar techniques to outsmart the competition and turn customers and employees into raving fans.

Driving Loyalty provides a blueprint that businesses of all types can use to create a high-performing work environment, deliver exceptional customer service, build strong brands, market effectively online and off, and, in turn, power overall performance.

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Exceeding Customer Expectations

What’s the secret to wowing your customers and maintaining a loyal and dedicated workforce? No one knows better than Enterprise Rent-A-Car, the world’s #1 car rental company. Drawing upon the secrets and time-tested strategies that helped Enterprise grow from a single location in the basement of a St. Louis car dealership into the global powerhouse it is today, Exceeding Customer Expectations reveals how to turn every customer into a lifetime customer. You’ll learn strategies for: hiring smart people and training them from the ground up, growing your business by rewarding employees with financial incentives, forming strong partnerships, thriving during tough economic times, cultivating a fun work environment where teamwork rules and much more

Exceeding Customer Expectations marked the first time Kirk took readers inside of Enterprise’s amazing operation. This book imparts timeless lessons on satisfying both customers and employees that can be put to use right away, no matter what your business or industry.

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The Market Masters

What strategies have made Wall Street’s top investors so successful? What are their biggest mistakes and proudest accomplishments? How do they invest their own money? And what are the keys to finding the best stocks and bonds?

The Market Masters features one-on-one interviews with 18 of the world’s leading mutual fund managers, representing a variety of different styles—from growth gurus, value masters, bond wizards and international globetrotters to specialists in such market sectors as technology, healthcare, financial services and real estate. All have demonstrated track records for consistently outperforming the competition. In The Market Masters, these managers speak frankly about their proven strategies for beating the market in both good times and bad.

Kirk has also written several other books highlighting the secrets of top investors, including Wizards of Wall Street, Value Investing with the Masters and Growing Rich with Growth Stocks.

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Making Dough

Mention the words “Krispy Kreme” and people start licking their lips. The company inspires such loyal customer devotion that new store openings routinely cause traffic jams and attract widespread media attention.

How was Krispy Kreme able to build such a successful brand and business, especially since it spends almost no money on advertising? And what can other businesses do to emulate Krispy Kreme’s amazing accomplishments?

You’ll find the answers in Making Dough: The 12 Secret Ingredients of Krispy Kreme’s Sweet Success.

Through exclusive insider interviews and colorful stories, you’ll go behind the counter to learn how this organization managed to maintain a wholesome, small-town image, while achieving phenomenal success through a mixture of customer loyalty, high product standards, technological advancements and community involvement.

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